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What does your brand stand for? And what should it stand for in order to be relevant for its target groups? How does your brand differ from the competition? Does it have the potential for growth – and if so, how?

We work closely with you to find the answers to the strategic questions of brand management –

analytically and creatively, with a focus on the origin as well as the future of your brand.

Case study: ic! berlin

The challenge:

ic! berlin makes unique eyeglasses: Without screws, in the highest quality, always ahead of the trend – and all handmade in Berlin. But new competitors and changing customer behavior are constantly challenging ic! berlin. Brands and companies have to assert themselves in an extremely dynamic environment in order to continue to grow in the future.


Our solution:

Spirit for Brands analysed the brand status: We spoke with dealers, employees and customers on three continents. We consolidated the results and aligned the potential of the brand with the corporate strategy. On this basis we subsequently posed the big questions: Who are we, what do we stand for, where do we want to go? In a two-day management workshop far away from Berlin, the brand identity was jointly redefined 20 years after its founding. With a clear commitment to vision, mission and values, ic! berlin returned to new relevance.


The result:

ic! berlin succeeded in putting its identity crisis behind it. The company reoriented and stabilized itself, which opened up new target groups and allowed for new growth.

Case study: Flughafen Wien

The challenge:

Vienna International Airport is the most important hub between East and West and has received several awards for its process quality. In order to reach the next level of quality, the brand profile needs to be sharpened and brand awareness strengthened. How can the brand achieve this?

Our solution:

Spirit for Brands supported the airport's brand management team in sharpening the brand positioning and clearly emphasizing the character of the VIE brand. What makes Vienna International Airport unique? It is professionalism and process quality, combined with humanity and Austrian charm. In order to anchor these characteristics and make them tangible, we defined central processes for brand management.

The result:

"We chose Spirit for Brands because they can listen, ask the right questions, understand, put an individual solution in a nutshell and convey it very effectively. It's simply nice to work with people who combine concentrated brand knowledge with heart and mind to create a brand."

Andreas Ladich, Head of Advertising and Marketing VIE

Case study: Berge & Meer

The challenge:

Berge & Meer has had a successful past. From a pioneer of direct sales, the brand has developed into a provider of high-quality round trips. In light of the new orientation it became necessary to review the previous brand positioning. The central questions for Berge & Meer were: What do we stand for now? And does the brand still support our strategy?

Our solution:

Spirit for Brands analysed the Berge & Meer brand and collected employees' opinions in a number of workshops. On the basis of the results, we revised the brand positioning in line with the new requirements. The new selfimage was also applied to brand communication. An ongoing process of verification ensures the quality of brand management and brand perception.

The result:

"With a high level of understanding for strategic branding, Spirit for Brands is an important companion for us in our everyday brand life. We value the direct and open nature of the advice that helps us keep our strategic brand management and communication on track."

Tim Dunker, Managing Director Berge & Meer

Case study: CURRENTA

The challenge:

CURRENTA offers a broad portfolio of branded services due to its diverse location and supply tasks. Fundamental changes in the business model made it necessary to further develop both the brand positioning and above all the brand strategy in such a way that they support the new business model. The central question here was: Which services are integral to the location, which are additional services that set the brand apart?

Our solution:

Spirit for Brands conducted workshops with company management to work out the consequences of the new business model. The focus here was on the perception of the service offerings from the perspective of the key accounts. This resulted in the strategic separation of location and supply services. On this basis, the brand strategy and visual appearance were adapted to the new circumstances.


"A new corporate strategy always has an effect on the brand strategy and the brand image. Spirit for Brands has helped us anchor the consequences of a new strategic orientation credibly and comprehensibly in our brand strategy and brand communication".

Jürgen Gemke, Head of Corporate Communications CURRENTA

Case study: Zarinfar

The challenge:

Zarinfar is an owner-managed, regionally active construction management company that has grown tremendously in recent years. Now Zarinfar is approaching the next stage of development – from construction management to consultancy with inter-regional relevance. The task: How can the brand support this next development step? How can the founding spirit and spirit of the brand be communicated and exemplified to the ever-increasing workforce?

Our solution:

In a first step, we develop the existing brand positioning further in all relevant areas and supplemented it with cornerstones of the corporate strategy and culture. In order for employees not only to understand the new positioning, but also to become brand ambassadors, the results were summarized in a "Brand on a Page" steering tool and communicated to the employees. At the same time, the steering tool was integrated into the central processes of the company.

The result:

"A clear strategy is very important as the rational backbone for the development of our company. A clear positioning of our brand as the heart and soul of the company is indispensable for credible communication.

Spirit for Brands has helped us a lot through a long-term branding process to sharpen and manage our brand in line with our goals."

H.W. Turadj Zarinfar, Managing Partner, Zarinfar GmbH

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