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Brand valuation

Do you know the value of your brand? And how it has grown? Do you know the relevant benchmarks? We can determine the value of your brand and its most important drivers – for brand management, but also for licensing and exploitation. In addition, we offer recognized expert opinions on issues relating to trademark value and industrial property rights – both ISO 10668 certified.

Case study: Brand valuation

For reasons of confidentiality, the trademark in question cannot be mentioned in this case.

The challenge:

A very well-known German brand with a long tradition in the fashion sector not only has an outstanding market position in a large Eastern European market, but also numerous shops of its own. A takeover bid for a brand and shops, exclusively for the specific market, required an evaluation from a brand perspective.

The solution:

Spirit for Brands determined the brand value in isolation for the specific market according to the capitalized earnings value method. In addition, the results were checked using the "Royalty Relief" method.


On the basis of the brand valuation, it became clear that the takeover bid was inappropriate and negotiations were terminated shortly thereafter.

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