our case studies.

ic! berlin is a brand that makes unique eyeglasses - screwless, high-quality, handmade in Berlin, and always ahead of the trend. But with new competitors and changing customer behavior, the brand was challenged to maintain its position in the market. To address this, We conducted a brand analysis, redefined the brand identity in a two-day management workshop, and aligned it with the corporate strategy. The result was that ic! berlin reoriented, stabilized, and successfully put its identity crisis behind it, which opened up new target groups and allowed for new growth.

DER Touristik is a major player in the European tourism industry, but with the industry's increasing reliance on digital technology, brand management has become a critical success factor. Our task was to find a way to internalize brand focus within the Group.

Our solution involved explicitly incorporating strategic brand orientation into the Group's new vision and establishing central key performance indicators for brand management. We developed an individualized brand controlling tool based on The BrandTicker to measure important brand parameters on a daily basis. The results were continuously integrated into the optimization of the brand system.

Since October 2017, randstad's new brand promise has been "Human Forward". This came with a complete revamp of the brand image. We assisted in the re-launch of the brand in Germany by providing solutions tailored to the demands of the market such as guidelines, internal media, explanatory animations, and a roadshow.

Within six months, the entire external appearance was transformed, and all relevant processes were either redesigned or adapted to meet current requirements. At the same time, the employees were informed of the changes and trained in how to use them.

brand valuation

A well-known German brand with a long history in the fashion industry has a strong market position in a large Eastern European market and several of its own stores. When a takeover bid was made for a brand and shops exclusive to that market, an evaluation was required from a brand perspective. We were able to determine the brand value for that specific market using the capitalized earnings value method. Additionally, the results were verified using the "Royalty Relief" method.

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