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As marketing and brand consultants, we possess both analytical and creative skills. We are dedicated to helping companies and organizations thrive by creating meaningful and unique identities in the marketplace. 

Our expertise encompasses all aspects of brand management, from analysis to experience, from strategy to analytics. Let us help your brand reach its full potential.

brand strategy & positioning

Your brand has the power to make a difference. By understanding what it stands for and what it should stand for, you can create a brand that is not only relevant to your target groups but truly meaningful. Strong brands have the potential for growth, and we are here to help you unlock that potential. 

Together, we can create a brand that not only stands out from the competition but inspires and motivates your customers to become loyal advocates. Let's work together to bring your brand's vision to life.

brand architecture & portfolio management

Do you think your brand architecture is well-structured and managed efficiently? Are you making the most of your umbrella brand or should you focus on individual brands to create more relevance and minimize the risk? 

Our analyses and tools can help you gain clarity and make informed decisions with confidence.

brand design & communication

Do you feel confident that your brand is accurately representing itself? Are you sending the right messages to your target audiences, both internally and externally? Are you sure that your brand creates the right experiences? 

We help steer your brand's image towards success and support you in all aspects of brand communication. With our support, you can create the awareness and demand your brand deserves.

brand analysis & controlling

Are you confident that your brand is heading in the right direction? Do you understand where your brand stands compared to the competition? Is your portfolio of brands well positioned? Are you not only executing the right actions but also executing them in the most effective way? 

Our analytical tools help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, enabling us to develop pragmatic and strategic solutions that are rooted in real-world data and actionable insights.

brand valuation & assessment

Are you aware of the true worth of your brand and how it has progressed over time? Do you have an understanding of the relevant benchmarks? Our services can help you accurately assess your brand's value and its key factors - not just for brand management, but also for licensing and monetization – both ISO 10668 certified.

Moreover, we provide expert opinions that are widely recognized in the industry on matters pertaining to trademark value and industrial property rights. Our in-depth expertise is also regularly sought in legal disputes about brands and trademarks.

Austrian Standards Certification ISO 10668

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