The Brands of the Year 2020

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A turbulent Corona year 2020 is behind us, and it is still not clear when normality will return. This year, the brand world has also faced particular challenges. Some brands have handled them better, and some have done worse. The business models behind these brands play a major role here: are they resilient or not? Because even a strong brand cannot compensate for everything. The development of the stock exchange was also partly incomprehensible and partly decoupled from brand development.

The most valuable brands.

16.593 M

12.662 M

25,956 M

18.271 M

13.637 M

Stability in rough times

SAP remains the most valuable German brand. But, as with many other brands, SAP's value has suffered greatly in 2020. This has fallen by 20% compared to the previous year. Audi, on the other hand, has managed to almost double its brand value and has thus made the leap into the top 3.

The most dynamic brands.

+ 138%

+ 95%

+ 93%

+ 80%

+ 77%

- 63%

In crises there are also winners

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Many brands have suffered from the effects of Covid-19. Nevertheless, there are also success stories in this time. Zalando is a clear winner of the pandemic – this is also reflected in the brand value. With growth of 138%, the brand now stands at a value above 8 billion euros. This leaves behind brands such as Volkswagen. Not entirely unexpected, TUI is last year's biggest loser.


The most popular and most trusted brands.










Heart and brain
In addition to financial value, the emotional and trust-side assets of brands are of great importance in turbulent times. Montblanc and Adidas manage to address the emotions and the rational basis of trust of the target groups equally strongly. The unambiguous Lovebrand is Hugo Boss, while DHL has been able to develop the strongest trust profile.

The most recommended brands. 

Highly recommended
In times of great uncertainty such as these, it is critical to have loyal customers. It's even better if they also recommend the brand. This is where Leica performed best in 2020. Close behind are Sennheiser and Montblanc.

(80 Points)

(81 Points)

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